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Want to Attract Top Talent to Your Company? Have a Purpose

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Hiring changeSummary: If you want to attract the best employees to work for your company, you will need to move beyond the average. Your purpose should to be to create a company worthy of attracting top talent. Here’s how.

Do you ever post a new job and watch the flood of underqualified resumes come in, only to choose the best of the bad? Do you wish you could find and attract those perfect fit people to fill your new positions? If so, your company needs to practice purposeful hiring. Various aspects of your company may need to change in ways that attract top talent employees and help to retain them. By addressing your company culture, reputation in the industry, utilization of current talent, and current hiring practices, your company can locate and lock down the perfect employees for your job positions.

Top talent employee candidates will often know their value, and they may have several companies trying to woo them. Chances are that these candidates are doing their homework, so they will know of your company’s culture, employee satisfaction, compensation, and advancement opportunities. It should, then, be part of your recruiting strategy to purposefully improve in those areas.

Your company should value its employees and make it show with a positive, employee-based culture. After all, it is on their shoulders that your company will find great success or dismal failure. Maintain a high level of employee satisfaction, and empower employees to improve processes. Encourage and allow for independent action, which leads employees to take more personal responsibility in dealing with challenges and greater pride in successes. Individual successes should be closely tied to company successes and vice versa. These intrinsic rewards are often more attractive to top employee candidates than just monetary compensation.

Showcase your company’s current talent. Talent attracts talent. When trying to attract highly qualified employees, let them know the who’s who of your current top talent. Boast about their accomplishments. Many top talent employees have long-term career goals, and they will be interested in opportunities to mentor with your top talent.

Naturally, top talent employees are attracted to top industry companies. Call it bragging rights, but the pride of landing a coveted job at a highly reputable, well known company is very important to talented candidates. It’s no stretch of the imagination to think that top tech employees have Google in their sights, so you can see how reputations matter. As you improve your company’s industry standings and reputation, you will, in turn, attract more qualified employees to help.

Target your HR recruiting efforts in the right direction. Especially if your company is in technology or is making a shift to more computer-based systems, you will need to go where young, tech savvy, talented employees are—the internet. Millennials have grown up with the internet and tech as part of their daily lives, and they are coming out of school better prepared than ever before for dealing with technological challenges. To attract tech savvy employees, your company will need an internet presence for recruiting and branding that shows this group of candidates what your company offers in terms of culture and values.

In short, top talent will seek out top companies. All of these points as a package will help guide your company to become the kind of company that attracts top talent. You must purposefully create a company that draws in the kind of people you want to employ.

Want to Attract Top Talent to Your Company? Have a Purpose by
Authored by: Cameron Griffin