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Generation Y is Changing Corporate America

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Generation Y

Summary: The young professionals of today have different values than traditional generations. HR departments and companies are adjusting to the new ideals to attract the young employees.

Generation Y, those in their teens to 29, are changing the way HR departments operate. It is estimated that this generation will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. The way we know corporate America is changing to a thing of the past.

These young professionals that were born in the 80s and 90s are more connected to social media than any other generation. They obsess over their laptops and worship the internet, valuing the internet as much as shelter, food and water.

These employees use social networks as a way of connecting with not only their co-workers but their superiors as well. Studies show that seven in ten Facebook users “friend” coworkers and supervisors. Twenty-somethings have a hard time staying off their social profiles even at work. Even though most companies don’t allow employees to be on their social networks while at work, checking Facebook is one of the most frequently done activities at work.

Hipper work environments also draw to Generation Y more. They are pulled to the start-up companies from the Silicon Valley that offer special perks like free food, team bonding activities, laid-back environments, and open work-spaces. These employees value flexibility, technology, and freedom. A Cisco survey found that two in five would take a lower salary if it meant more flexibility in mobility, social media access, and device choice.

HR departments have yet to fully adjust to the demands of Generation Y. Only 10 percent of businesses allow unlimited personal access to social media. Proactive departments and companies have increased technology use, used more competency-based hiring practices, increased use of assessment centers, completed personality profiling, and implemented simulations and real-life scenarios as an attempt to attract more Generation Y candidates.

Smart companies understand that the young employees and college students today are the future managers and executives. To attract this generation, companies have to embrace their wishes instead of sticking with the old ways.


Generation Y is Changing Corporate America by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin