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Teenagers Compete with Adults for Jobs

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For several decades, teenagers were known to hold summer jobs, particularly in certain areas, which would include fast food restaurants and chain stores. By doing so, these teenagers would get some experience under their belt, would have something to do during the summer months, and would be able to earn their own money, which could be used on whatever they were hoping to buy, without having to bother their parents to buy such items. While this was a common sight several years ago, this is not such the case right. Back in 2001, there were about 50 percent of teenagers who were spending their summer months off from school at work instead. However, teenage employment continues to decline, especially ever since the recession took place. Teenage employment first peaked back in 1978 but it continues to decline over the years. At this point, teenage employment is already below the 30 percent mark and this is not necessarily because teenagers do not want jobs.

In fact, there are many teenagers who are hoping to find employment but are having trouble doing so. Some teenagers are no longer working during the summer months and instead, they are going to camp or participating in different activities. Some of the programs that teenagers may be participating in would include educational programs that can help them land a job later on in the future. However, one of the major problems for those teenagers who are actually looking for summer employment is that jobs that used to be predominantly dominated by younger individuals are now being taken over by adults, especially since the labor market is still struggling after the Great Recession which left the economy shattered.

For many positions that are now available, it is necessary to have secondary education, above and beyond having a diploma or GED. There are a number of adults who do not have these certifications or degrees and end up getting a job that would have once been held by a younger individual, particularly a teenager. And, at that point, it means that there is one less job available for a teenager who is looking for summer employment. The unemployment rate amongst teenagers continues to increase and it continues to become harder for teenagers to find jobs. At this point in time, they are competing with older individuals for the same jobs and often times; it is the older workers that get chosen for the job.

Some employers are taking the initiative to help younger workers and are willing to hire these teenagers to help them find the employment they are seeking for the summer and to help them stay out of trouble. Those who are in support of youth are hoping to continuously encourage employers to hire younger workers, specifically those that come from low-income families.

Teenagers Compete with Adults for Jobs by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes