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How to Succeed at a New Job

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succeed at a new job

Summary: Starting a new job can be a frustrating experience as you adjust to new responsibilities and people but by creating good relationships and working hard, the transition can go smoothly.

There are a lot of changes that come from the workplace. Getting a promotion, taking on new roles as your company downsizes or merges, or getting a new job with a new company will be new experiences that you have to adjust to. That transition of understanding how a new boss operates, what your new responsibilities entail, or how your new team gets along can be confusing and stressful. Whatever the circumstances, it is important that you find a way to impress your manager and co-workers in the first three months to assure success in that role. Here are some tips to help the transition easier.

Make an impression in 90 days- Unfortunately first impressions are everything in life. Your boss and colleagues will form opinions of you quickly that can be hard to correct. Make their assumptions positive by working hard and being on top of your game at all times.

Form relationships- The best way to make a good impression is by building strong relationships with everyone at the office. Technical skills are good to have but how you interact with others will be remembered more.

Don’t make mistakes– Once you make a mistake, you will be seen as some that is unreliable and ineffective. Set your alarm so that you will hear it and will have no risk of going back to sleep after shutting it off. Being late your first work of week will ruin your relationship with your boss. Be safe in your decisions that affect the company’s money.

Beware the learning curve- Try your best to blend it and observe the culture of the office. Listen to what others are saying before speaking. There is often a need to prove ourselves in the beginning but this can be damaging to your reputation. Keep your past employers and awards from them in the past.

Spend more time at work to start- However challenging it may be, spend more time at work for the first few weeks to get a hang of things. See if you can get a mentor to help you out and transition faster. If there isn’t a mentor option, see if there is a co-worker that you can trade services with.

Identify your weaknesses- Do all aspects of your job role, not just the parts you like or are good at. By knowing what your weaknesses will be with a new job, you be prepared to pay that part of your job careful attention.


How to Succeed at a New Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin