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Local Groups Help with Youth Employment

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After the Great Recession, which left the United States economy crippled, the number of people applying for jobs greatly increased. With so many people all applying for the same positions, it has become harder for teenagers to find work. With the economy in the shape that it is currently in at this point, teenagers have found it more challenging to find employment or internships because there are other people, some of whom are more qualified for specific positions that happen to be taking on these jobs that teenagers would normally do. And, while it has been harder for teenagers to find employment, there are some local groups that are interested in helping to provide teenagers with the training and skills needed for obtaining a job and keeping it.

The Boys and Girls Club of America, along with the Gap Incorporation, are now working together to help teenagers so that they are able to find employment. The program is designed to provide teenagers with insight on finding job leads, especially for different types of retail positions, including positions at the Gap clothing stores. The manager for the Old Navy Town Square Las Vegas, Yelena Hamai, is also the coordinator for the program, Career Launch. Hamai has said, “Career Launch leads to a qualified candidate.” She also said, “Having worked in retail for 18 years myself, I’ve interviewed thousands of young people, and I know that an interview can make a huge impression.”

In order to help teenagers find the employment that they are seeking, Hamai assists them with the skills and training they need to know about for job interviews and resumes. The program is set for Mondays and teenagers are welcome to join in to find out about as much information as they possibly can in order to find the employment they have been seeking. Josh Gainey, the teen director of the program, knows that it is tough for teens to find a job at this point. Gainey says, “The job market is so tough for teens.” He believes that the first impression means everything which is why it is generally important for teens to know how to act and dress while going on a job interview. One of the main topics of discussion during the program is all about how to dress appropriately and appear professionally, along with how to write a tasteful resume and how to act when asked questions during an interview. During the program, dozens of teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 enjoy the opportunity of working in a group to gain interview skills by practicing with others in the group.

Local Groups Help with Youth Employment by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes