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Current Mobile Advertising Trends

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Millennial Media, known for being a leader in the mobile advertising industry, has recently released a new report on the Mobile Intel Series, which provides tons of insight and support on advertising for mobile. The recent report is full of detailed information on mobile advertising and how it can be used in the entertainment industry. The whole idea of the entertainment report is to show how marketers, specifically those in the entertainment industry, are using mobile advertising and what they are doing to maximize the experience for mobile users. The report also provides some insight on the way in which consumers engage with the type of content they see on their mobile devices through these mobile advertisements. The advertisers are using a number of different tactics to grasp the attention of consumers and truly get their attention in a positive way.

Many entertainment campaigns are relying on mobile video. In fact, around 70 percent of these campaigns are using some sort of mobile video on the Millennial Media platform. Aside from mobile video, many of the campaigns are making it easier for mobile users to make purchases by allowing them to buy specific items straight through their mobile device, which is simply convenient for those who rely on their mobile device for just about everything. The report included a number of other highlights as well. Entertainment happens to be ranked third within the Millennial Media platform for mobile advertising. This particular industry has been spending plenty on mobile advertising campaigns to be featured on plenty of different mobile devices. The report also showed that entertainment advertisers target specific individuals with their campaigns. These individuals are broken down into three separate categories which include movie buffs, fans of music and entertainment fans.

The GM of Millennial Media, Marcus Startzel, has aid, “Entertainment was one of the first verticals to embrace mobile advertising, and over the years, they have created some of the most engaging and sophisticated campaigns in the market.” He also said, “Entertainment advertisers are turning to mobile to leverage real-world consumer behavior in their targeting, and with the robust Millennial Media data platform, these brands can reach unique audiences that will drive ROI.”

Millennial Media is known for being one of the leaders in mobile advertising with its mobile advertising platform. The platform provides a series of tools and services that help developers with every aspect of mobile advertising, including developing the right kind of campaign to attract the attention of the consumers. Millennial Media helps advertisers reach their targeted audiences while also expanding their capabilities.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes