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Tutoring Can Be a Serious Profession

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Though no one may ever think to aspire to become a tutor after graduate school, tutoring can be a serious profession when assisting people to pass the California bar exam. The founder of BarExamInsider saw that many people were failing the bar exam, and being taken advantage of by people who claimed to know the secrets to passing.

BarExamInsider was founded by a former California bar grader who has graded thousands of real bar exams.  The founder wanted to help people pass the bar exam without any gimmicks. With the difficult job market, and the low price to entry, there are many recent law school graduates or attorneys opening shop as bar exam tutors. Search or, and there may be as many as five ads from individuals all over California, such as Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles areas, offering tutoring sessions at over $100/hour or at pricing that exceeds an average legal consultation.

Though bar exam takers may be in a buyers’ market, tutors with little experience in teaching or inside information on the creation and grading of the bar exam manage to sales talk bar applicants into paying a lot of money for infringing study materials, and practice exam critiques with little value-added edge to passing.

For example, one tutor in Los Angeles advertised on his website that his student practice exams were all graded by former bar graders, when it turned out the tutor was grading practice tests himself, though he was never a former bar grader.  It seemed this tutor merely advertised his connections with former bar graders for marketing, and his students paid thousands of dollars expecting the attention of former bar graders when the tutor was actually doing a bait and switch on services.

BarExamInsider is not into providing tutoring services just for the money.  The founder of BarExamInsider finds the variety of people interesting.  It is almost trite, but it is very true that seeing people succeed is rewarding. The BarExamInsider staff helps people through their anxieties by giving them real past exams for practice, and explaining how to deconstruct rules into their elements, so they are prepared on the often tested issues, not just the subjects.

Services are pay-as-you-go, with bar candidates paying for only the services they need, rather than expensive packages. Students are directed to resources where they can obtain materials free of charge or at discounted pricing when possible.

Anyone interested in the services of BarExamInsider may contact BarExamInsider(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tutoring Can Be a Serious Profession by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes