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Microsoft Releases Ads That Contradict Google

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Microsoft is attempting to brand Google as a shoddy holiday shopping guide in its most recent try to aim traffic to the search engine, Bing, according to USA Today.

The attempt started on November 28 with a marketing attack centralized on up-to-date alterations in how Google conducts a section of its search engine to shopping results.  The changes need vendors to compensate Google to gain asset postings in the shopping tab.

In their advertisements, Microsoft claims contradicts Google’s obligation to giving the most reliable results on the Internet, even if results in losing out on money.  To finish their campaign with an exclamation mark, Microsoft is telling people that they may be “scroogled” if they depend on Google’s shopping searches.

These words will be echoed in television ads that will be showed on NBC, CNN as well as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.  It will also be shown on billboards and a website named,

The attack will probably add more fuel to the fire in a long-time rivalry between a pair of well-known and powerful technology businesses.

Google is the main search engine on the Web.  Bing is second, but is a long way from catching Google.  Google has experienced great success with their own web-based services and operating system for mobile phones and other devices.

Google does not need payment from web pages to be included in their search results.  Searches for specific products will pop up no matter what.

If a consumer clicks on the shopping tab, it will only bring back vendors who pay Google.

Last week, Google said it is satisfied with the critical reaction from their new system, as they have approximately 100,000 different sellers on their shopping tab.

The search engine is so successful, government officials have been checking whether or not they are handing out special perks to themselves in search results.

Since the middle of last month, Google’s shopping tab has only produced postings from vendors who spent money to show up in search results.  The order of the search findings has sometimes been indicated by what dollar amount Google received.  Many believe it is due to the holiday time of year.

Google does not hide anything.  They post on their site about the payments they receive at the bottom of their shopping tab.

Microsoft believes Google is cheating its users with such a plan.

Microsoft once was on the same path as Google.  Since they altered their search engine to Bing three years ago, they haven’t taken any pay from vendors.

Bing’s shopping tab uses postings from

Microsoft Releases Ads That Contradict Google by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes