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New Innovators – Facing Backlash

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Tech savvy professionals turn into entrepreneurs with the intention of using their technology for commercial purposes. Many such tech start ups are facing hurdles from established players and also the laws that are laid out in certain cities in U.S.A. Particularly the old line industry players in the utilities and transportation section act as big bottlenecks for the tech start ups.

Makers of Uber, a mobile application that allows people to call a taxi or a cab service from their mobile phones through regulated providers such as Yellow cab and black car services, has been facing problems in cities like Miami due to the existing laws. The existing laws have been framed to protect the interests of the cab service providers and the public has to shell out huge amounts to take their services. Miami laws state that a customer has to wait for one hour from time of booking to get into a taxi and the minimum fare has been fixed at $70. Even the hotel industry is trying their best to keep the new entrepreneurs at bay. AirBnb is an online platform that allows travelers to rent rooms in individual houses for a particular night. But the bigger hoteliers are trying different ways to prevent people from booking rooms through AirBnB.

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New Innovators - Facing Backlash by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes