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Employee Onboarding – New Look at New Hires

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Employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires accustomed to their new job with the least possible stresses on them, while benefiting the company by reducing the expenses for training. There are some ways of making sure that the onboarding process is done right. Firstly, job descriptions should be the real job descriptions. A C++ user interface application developer is not a Java developer, despite the massive abundance in Java programmers in the IT industry. Putting things down on paper first thing is a critical concept. Everything from the culture of the particular business, to what policies a company has on being late, should be put into a convenient handbook. Everything should be all ready for an employee to start work on day one, even though that is an impractical expectation. Rather, this serves to make things simpler, by not requiring the employee to have to set up his desk, computer, and get everything in order. One-on-one time is required if training is to be completed at all. Everyone has their own unique job, and nobody does the exact same task day after day. With inadequate one-on-one time up front, workers will spend idle time not knowing exactly what they have to do. They may follow other workers, and duplicate effort or put effort where it’s not really needed.

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Employee Onboarding - New Look at New Hires by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes