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Wide-Eyed With. . .Boredom?

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At this year’s MacWorld conference, the annual gathering of Apple users and tech industry watchers of all shapes and sizes, Tony Bennett serenaded attendees with a rendition of “The Best is Yet to Come,” among other favorites. The forward-looking song title didn’t seem to match the crowd’s tepid reaction to Apple VP Phil Schiller’s keynote address (partially due to CEO Steve Jobs’ first absence from MacWorld since 1997). According to, Apple’s planned changes for the year include:

A price increase for new song downloads on ITunes for $1.29
A $2,800 17-inch notebook with a more powerful battery
Upgrades to the iLife and iWork software suites

So it seems from the event coverage that people didn’t seem too thrilled with this year’s offerings. A price hike, a faster toy, some more bells and whistles. . . nothing like 2007’s iPhone announcement, which sent the conference-goers into a rousing cheer. Other major Apple products and services announced during keynote addresses included iTunes (2001) and the iPod Shuffle (2005).

Ok so there may not have been any brand new gagdets from these technological innovators, but c’mon people. . .these upgrades include facial recognition software and GPS geotagging that will allow you to sort your pictures in new ways. An iPhone application that allows you to remotely run a presentation from your phone. Those cheesy commercials where some schmo is lounging in garish swim trunks while he works on the beach. . .THAT is becoming reality faster than you can say “Who even uses CDs anymore?” A 6 pound computer with a 17 inch monitor? Incredible.

So before we get all eye-rolling and ho-hum about cutting-edge technology for the masses. . take a step back to think about how Apple and technology in general have changed our lives in the past few years. Having to commit to plans instead of using the cell to flake out (one major one that comes to mind!). .

Think, too, about the jobs that technology has created. Even the jobs that Steve Jobs himself has created. If you’re looking to continue riding this technology wave (and it will be around for awhile), check out InformationTechnologyCrossing, DBACrossing, or CPlusCPlusCrossing. Don’t forget about our Free Trial–no free iTunes download included.

Wide-Eyed With. . .Boredom? by
Authored by: PRGUY222