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New Shopping Center in Washington Township, Ohio to Bring 50 Jobs

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A new shopping center in Washington Township, Ohio could bring 50 new jobs to the area, according to the Dayton Daily News. The project totals $1.5 million and it could start within the next five months.

The strip center will be built close to existing businesses, which has created excitement among those business owners. Yankee Car Wash said that their revenue has dropped, but they are excited to see a new strip mall that could bring more traffic  to the area.

“I could definitely use more customers,” said manager Timothy Moore. “It’ll be real good for us.”

The exact plans for the strip mall have yet to be announced, but a drive-through coffee shop will be one of the new stores. A restaurant space will be built along with two retail stores.

“Aesthetically, it will be a brick building with limestone trim,” said Ryan Lee, zoning manager for Washington Twp. “Ultimately, it pulls (from) a lot of design and architecture already within the community.”

Lee said that most of the strip mall centers in the township are doing well, but did not provide vacancy numbers. One of the largest retail vacancies in the Yankee Station shopping center is the former Bally Total Fitness.

“That’s just a matter of utilizing the old fitness center space,” Lee said. “This property has been zoned for business for quite some time,” Lee said. “It’s my understanding through the review of this specific project, there aren’t any concerns with traffic impacts coming from the development.”

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo