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Advertising: Shazam Plans to Tie Songs Fast to Products

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Shazam is an audio recognition app for smartphones and other mobile devices, and millions of people use this app to determine what a particular tune is. Audio recognition is useful for the individuals determining what a song they’re listening to is called, but it also has some powerful utility in advertising. These people are audio experts, and they know that tunes can be catching. Even if it’s not a song, but rather the sound of a particular product being used (the noise from cracking a can of beer opened), audio is a very important part of consumer brand recognition. There’s a lot of attention being paid to optimizing advertisements in terms of text for search engines, and a lot of in-depth work that goes into a product’s advertising when it comes to visual appeal. However, there just hasn’t been much research being put into product branding of an auditory nature. Sound has been an important part of advertising, from the earliest television jingles to today’s use of hit music to advertise products. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done to determine just how effective these advertisements are to consumers. Shazam is working on developing these connections.

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Advertising: Shazam Plans to Tie Songs Fast to Products by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes