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Weinstein Company Seeks Hits, Shifting to TV

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Mr. Weinstein and his brother are looking to extend their expertise into the world of television, where they are seeking to hit it big with some TV hits. Along with “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” they have done some reality television. They are now working on six different TV series, and hoping that one of those will make it big. They are a medium-sized studio, and want to see the same kind of development that they made in the movie industry in the television industry. One of the planned series is called “The Book of the Dead”, which is a television detective drama that’s in ancient Egypt. Another show is Marco Polo, a martial arts extravaganza, as well as a series called “War and Peace” that transforms Tolstoy’s literature into a television adventure story. Two others, one about British crime and another about the Mafia, are also big contenders. For lovers of crime and mysteries, a lot of Weinstein’s new releases are sure to be a pleasing experience. Weinstein has a lot of experience in terms of promoting his endeavors, and that’s why this company feels like they can take on all these projects. Still, the company may be spreading their efforts into TV a little too thin.

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Weinstein Company Seeks Hits, Shifting to TV by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes