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Employers Applauding the Demise of NLRB’s Poster Rule

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In 2011, United States’ National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) had come out with a rule asking all the employers to have a display board in their complex with text related to the rights of employees to join or assist a union. The display board should convey that each and every employee has the right to join or assist a union and in the same way to refrain from union work. But this proposal met with stiff resistance from employers as it was made applicable to employers without any labor union. It was challenged in the U.S. court by some employers. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia had stayed the proposal of NLRB that mandates the installation of a display board in May 2013.

NLRB now had the option of going to Supreme Court to reverse the decision of the lower court. It had to file an appeal before January 6th 2014 to stay the lower court order. But now it seems that the board would not appeal to the higher court as the deadline has passed. National Right to Work Foundation remarked that it was a welcome development. They felt that NLRB had over stretched their statutory powers by bringing out such unjustified proposals.

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Employers Applauding the Demise of NLRB's Poster Rule by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes