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iCIMS: Guide to Sourcing Candidates Better

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Employers in current era feel that they are missing top talents in their organization. Even if they release advertisement, they are not satisfied in receiving applications from top talent personnel.
Reasons have been studied. iCIMS has come out with a guide which allows the employers to fill a small questionnaire and to download the same from the iCIMS website.
The downloadable content will allow the employers to have the following details;
(i) Reasons for popularity of ‘Mobile infographic recruitment’. It is understood that 86% of job seekers in current environment would like to view the job listings through mobile/handsets. So, if the job listings created by employers are accessible in mobile, it would be beneficial for the employers to get viewed by top talents personnel.
(ii) To understand the common problems of job seekers and to ascertain what are the reasons why job seekers select some job advertisements and do not select some job advertisements when they come across multiple job advertisements although the advertisements which they ignore is otherwise call for the same eligibility criteria the job seeker is having. The guide points out the common problems to get corrected by employers.
(iii) iCIMS product tour – applicant tracking system attracts the candidates by providing them a great user experience.

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iCIMS: Guide to Sourcing Candidates Better by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes