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Add 2 Innovative Strategies in Your Next Interview

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Author Jeff Haden and Accolo CEO John Younger have written a systemic approach to aid the interviewers to find a suitable candidate for the positions for which they are conducting the interviews.
The approach is like this; ask the applicants systemically following three questions and wait for the response of the candidates.
Question no. 1:
How did you find out about the job?
Typical answers could be through online listings (or) job boards.
Some persons could say that they found the job through general openings.
If the job for which they apply belong to third, fourth or more in their career life history, then the job what they get should be through the pull they get from the internal persons in the organization, which means, the relationship the candidate is having in the like fields, the trust he develops among the peers; as also the success reputation he carries.
Question no. 2:
What did you like about the job when it started?
Omit the typical responses like ‘It was a great opportunity’ (or) ‘It was the next step in my career’.
The other side, look for specific replies like ‘to encourage my skills & willingness I switched’ (or) ‘to work in the environment he would thrive in’.
Question no. 3:
Why did you leave?
Look for dangerous answers like problem with Management, problem with other co-workers (or) problem to take additional responsibility.

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Add 2 Innovative Strategies in Your Next Interview by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes