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Job Creation to Slow, HR and Health Care Openings are Expected

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Growth in ‘job creations’ between 2012-2022 have been estimated by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). According to them, there will be a decline in growth. As per the present trend, on an average every year,there is a 0.7 per cent growth in job opportunities. However, based on the revised estimates by BLS, the growth rate is reduced to 0.5 per cent. In terms of absolute numbers, the total number of new jobs that will be created between the years 2012-2022 will be 15.6 million jobs.
According to BLS, the decline in growth rate for job opportunities is because of the following reasons;
(a) Slower population growth
(b) Reduced participation in labor force
(c) Slower growth in economy
Out of the total job opportunities that is expected in 2012-2022, nearly 67.2 percent is because of replacement job positions such as of retirements, resignations, etc.
HR job positions will get a sizeable number out of these job positions that will arise in 2012-2022.
Some job positions in HR like payroll assistants & timekeeping assistants are foreseen to go down between 2012-2022. Whereas, positions expected to open are training and development managers (10,700 job positions), HR managers positions (40,600 positions), compensation and benefits managers (6,100 positions).

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Job Creation to Slow, HR and Health Care Openings are Expected by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes