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Crucial Steps in Performing Reviews Easier for Everyone

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A case study was published on the subject of employees appraisal process.
Typical problems faced by employers while appraising HR, Managers & Employees are that they are not getting the results what they really would like to have. There is always some missing links.
The case study helps to sort out these gaps.
According to the case study, Managers, while doing appraisal review, shall follow these simple steps, which will help them do the appraisal quickly, simply; as also effectively.
(i) To use simple one page document instead of complicated computer program where the complication is in terms of multiple pages, difficult links & terminologies. The single page document shall carry job descriptions written in revised form like linking to accountable areas of each job precisely containing eight such accountable points.
(ii) To quantitatively measure the accomplishments for the eight listed accountable points instead of relating the same subjectively. Subjective review form skewed results to the employers that ratings are not going in tandem with the business results.
(iii) Managers can fill their comments in additional sections.
(iv) Employees will do self evaluation in their page indicating the rating points according to their perceptions; as also detailed accomplishments if any want to support with.

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Crucial Steps in Performing Reviews Easier for Everyone by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes