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Granted Concierge Will Save You Time During a Job Search

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Looking for a new job takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you are employed during the search. Do not wear yourself down working 40 or more hours per week and then spending another 10-15 hours per week looking for a job when someone can do it for you. We know, it sounds weird to have others perform the search for you, but it can be done and done successfully when you use Granted Concierge.

When you think about it, many human resource professionals or hiring managers will stop looking through applications or resumes at a certain point. They receive hundreds, maybe thousands of them for each open job at their company. They become so overwhelmed that they put everything down and start interviewing those who submitted their documents early in the candidate search. This means that you might not be considered even if you have the qualifications and experience necessary for the job.

At this point you are probably wondering what this service does for you. Well, for starters, you will be assigned a personal concierge when you sign-up with the site. This means that someone will be working with you from start to finish during your job search.

So, who should sign-up for Granted Concierge? If you value your career and where it is headed, you are the perfect fit for this service. Anyone who values their time and does not have five to 10 hours per week to search for a job will benefit from having a Concierge. Any person who wants to increase their income, work closer to home, find a better work-life balance and find a job that has better upward mobility.

All those who sign-up for Granted Concierge will be charged a monthly fee of $299, which is less than $10 per day, for the services offered by a personal concierge. When it comes to furthering your career and making a major move, the price is worth it.

Granted Concierge Will Save You Time During a Job Search by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo