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Take Feedback as a Chance to Improve

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Summary: Feedback should never be taken as negative criticism. Use it as a way to improve yourself and what you do.

We can learn a lot from feedback that someone gives us. While it may be easy to get frustrated and want to lash out when we are told that the project we turned into our boss isn’t good enough, we really should understand that it is a chance to grow. When we get angry and ignore what is being said to us, we miss out a chance to advance our skills and talents. Feedback is a tool to help push ourselves to excellence. When you find yourself rejecting the feedback someone has given you, use these tips to help keep the situation positive.

Stop taking it personal. Whether the feedback is written or oral, you should take it the same. Feedback is information. Being told to your face that your project had errors or wasn’t up to par is more difficult than receiving a note saying the same thing. Confrontation is always tough, especially when you are put on the spot.

Use the opportunity to learn. There are some that have a hard time making mistakes and being criticized but holding on to it only brings you down farther. Having a positive emotion to the situation will enhance our abilities.

Feedback is part of the path to success. Feedback is not always a negative thing that only points out what you did wrong. Feedback can come in the form of advice on how to do something easier. When someone takes the time to give you feedback, it is because they care and know that you can be great.

It will help you achieve goals quickly. Constantly hearing criticism can take slices out of your self-esteem unless you believe in your abilities. By using feedback as the driving force to improve, you can reach your dreams faster.

Self-awareness is never a bad thing. If you keep getting feedback that tears apart your project, then maybe it is time to reassess what you are doing. Is the industry right for you? For example, if you want to be a designer but just cannot get the handle on sewing, then maybe rethink your career choice. You can still pursue fashion but in another way.

You can’t say it doesn’t motivate you to do better. No one likes to hear negative feedback so you will do everything you can to get better so that the feedback stops or at least turns positive.

Remember the quote, “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react” when facing feedback.


Take Feedback as a Chance to Improve by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin