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Bombardier Learjet Laying Off 200 Jobs in Wichita, Kansas

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Job cuts are on the horizon at the Bombardier Learjet facility in Wichita, according to The Wichita Eagle. The jobs cuts in Wichita will cause 200 people to lose their jobs, according to Learjet spokeswoman Molly Edwards.

Of the 200 job cuts, 70 contract/temporary workers will lose their jobs and 100 permanent employees will lose their jobs. Some 40 other workers have been told that they will be reassigned within the company, according to Edwards.

“We’re working to try to find opportunities internally so we can retain as many of those as possible,” Edwards said.

Edwards noted that employees will know by the end of June if they are staying with the company or will be laid off from their jobs.

The layoffs are coming because of a delay in the Learjet 85.

Edwards said, “The plan is we will re-assign as many as possible so when we ramp up production (on the Learjet 85), we can bring those employees over in the 85 program.”

The jet was supposed to go into services in late 2013, but early last year, the company announced that the service date was pushed back to summer of 2014.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes