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Stop Making Excuses at Work – Avoid This Three Letter Word

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Stop making excuses at work.

No one likes to hear the word “but” coming from anyone. “You can have ice cream, but finish your homework first” or “I can help you, but I don’t have time”. The excuses get even more damaging when they prevent you from reaching your career goals. “I want to go back to school BUT I don’t know where to start”. Using “but” holds you back from achieving all that you can in your life and career.

Learn how to make any change you want to make in your life or career.

There will always be obstacles and hurdles to navigate along the way. Life is never easy for anyone. The key is to accepting the truth that deep down inside you know. If you want to go back to school, then first make a plan of what degree to pursue and what schools offer that field of study. While it may seem tough to drop everything and start over, the reward of being happy in your career will outweigh the tough couple of years of being in school.

You are the only thing to blame for not achieving your goals. “But” is only an excuse to take the easy road. You may have a job now that pays the bills and is comfortable, so why give that up. Happiness dictates how our future will be. Don’t let your true potential be covered with a shadow of regret. Taking delight in your career should be a priority.

What happens when you replace the excuse with an explanation? You can explain what you will do instead of why you won’t do it. “I want to go back to school” turns into “I can go back to school, and this is how…” The most successful people don’t wait for someone to tell them how to do something; they figure it out on their own and do it. If you want to be valuable, then you have to demonstrate that value by being proactive.

Stop Making Excuses at Work - Avoid This Three Letter Word by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin