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10 Podcasts You Must Listen to When Starting a New Job

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Summary: Podcasts are like interesting radio shows that allow you to pick the topic to listen to while commuting to work.

Podcasts are a growing trend that can provide some learning opportunities as you prepare for a new job. Make sure you have the right equipment to make listening to the podcasts easy and convenient either as you drive to work or ride to work each day. Apps like Overcast and Stitcher let you adjust the speed, boost volume, and create playlists so that it is a personalized experience.

  1. StartUp – This podcast is great if your new job is with a startup company or new business.
  2. Reply All – This podcast teaches everything there is to know about the internet but is still entertaining enough to listen to while commuting to work.
  3. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me – A weekly NPR quiz show that will give you ideas for small talk with your new co-workers.
  4. Adulthood Made Easy – This show tackles our adult issues that can be hard to navigate alone such as negotiating your salary.
  5. She Does – This podcast supports conversations with creative women to inspire leaders, build communities, and helps you be inventive, innovative, and original.
  6. Off the Charts – A short and sweet show that gives relevant and helpful advice in minutes.
  7. The Time Ferris Show – A business podcast that features people that are at the top of their industry and the tips they have to be successful.
  8. Sean Wes podcast – This podcast by entrepreneurs Sean Wes and Ben Toalson has advice and tips of everything from public speaking or how to keep improving.
  9. Call Your Girlfriend – This podcast by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow discusses topics that are not solely career themed but still covers managing an adult budget, sexism in the workplace, and how to avoid being the woman that does the office housework.
  10. Raise Your Hand Say Yes – Business and branding coach, Tiffany Han motivates you to take action at work and in life.


10 Podcasts You Must Listen to When Starting a New Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin