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Lessons Learned from First Jobs of Successful People

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first job advice

Summary: Starting your first real job can be full of failure and success, but with some advice from successful people that have been through it, things can go smoother.

When asked what advice they have for someone starting their first real job, these successful CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs gave their lessons learned.

James Altuchers’ advice: Don’t dwell on failure and its supposed benefits – there are none. He explains that we all fail, but we shouldn’t take it as a good thing. A big failure can be damaging, so move on and focus on the success.

Danny Rubin’s advice: Say yes to the unfamiliar. Be prepared for anything to happen and take advantage of those opportunities. He explains that he got his first big shot from doing an informational interview.

Ryan Holiday’s advice: Find canvasses for other people to paint on. He explains that the advice he received of making others look good wasn’t quite right. Forget about getting credit or getting ahead and focus on finding, presenting, and facilitating opportunities to help others, especially those you report to, succeed.

Kara Goldin’s advice: Embrace being at the bottom of the totem pole. No position is beneath you. Make the most of it so that it can build into something bigger and better.

Tim Ferriss’ advice: You are the average of the five people you associate with most. Surround yourself with those that lift you higher and that encourage you so that there is success all around.


Lessons Learned from First Jobs of Successful People by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin