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Statistics That Show the Future of Recruiting on the Mobile Level

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Summary: Mobile recruiting has become more and more popular over the last couple of years and it will continue to become a major player in the job search game.

The recruiting market is made up of two sides; the recruiter and the employer. Both parties need to remember this as they edit their recruiting strategies because job seekers are looking for an easy mobile experience as they expand their job search methods today.

Demand for Mobile Job Postings

The demand for mobile job postings has increased exponentially recently with one billion job searches per month occurring on mobile devices. To go along with that, 30 percent of mobile job seekers perform a job search more than once per day. On top of that, 70 percent of job seekers use a mobile device to research information about jobs.

To make mobile recruiting even more of a focus, 57 percent of job seekers have said that if there is an easy solution, they would complete an entire job application on a mobile device.

Why Mobile?

Mobile devices have become so popular over the past decade, so much so that 37 percent of all internet traffic occurs on mobile devices. To up the ante a bit here, Cisco estimates that internet traffic from mobile devices will outnumber wired devices by the year 2016. That is not too far away anymore.

If you are still having trouble wrapping your head around the popularity of mobile internet use, wait until you see the next statistic. In 2013, just 129 companies generated more revenue than the Apple iTunes Store, which brought in $23.5 billion in 2013.

Mobile Recruiting

Despite all of these statistics, mobile recruiting has not exploded like many thought it would, yet. In fact, 80 percent of companies do not have mobile-friendly careers pages.

On top of that statistic, 82 percent of companies do not use job advertisements that are optimized for mobile devices.

The future of recruiting will come in the mobile sector and the future is now even though many companies have not recognized this yet. As companies begin to recognize it, job seekers will have more options when looking for a job when using their mobile devices.

Statistics That Show the Future of Recruiting on the Mobile Level by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo