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Apps for the Chrome Browser That Make Life Much Easier

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Summary: We have compiled a list of the best Chrome apps that can help to make your life easier at work or at home and on the go.

Chrome is one of the best internet browsers out there today because it offers some incredible extensions. You might think that you have come across all of the best apps Chrome has to offer, but we have a list that will blow your mind. The apps discussed in this post will make your day so much easier and productive, especially if you use Chrome for work or school.


Momentum is one of the coolest apps/extensions that you can download for your Chrome browser. This app helps you replace a boring, ho-hum homepage with beautiful earthly scenery. It also has a clock, updates on the weather and your to-do list included so you can be as productive as possible while at work or in the classroom.

One Tab

Do you load a thousand tabs on your Chrome browser each day? Well, maybe not a thousand, but way too many to function properly? If so, One Tab is the perfect app for you to download on Chrome. This app will let you save all of your open tabs on one page so you can go back to them at a later time and open them when needed.


Do you create multiple to-do lists across all of your devices? If so, Any.Do will help you combine them into one spot. The app is a drop-down menu on your Chrome browser that has your to-do list right there for you to view.


Discoverly takes information from your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and helps unlock insights based on the activity log on those sites and your connections.


Would you like to remain anonymous on the web? Download Ghostery right now for your Chrome browser in order to prevent anonymous internet trackers from following all of the websites where you visit.


Buffer is the perfect Chrome app for scheduling your social media posts across multiple outlets. This is the perfect app for people who share content across a range of accounts and share a lot of content. This app integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, Reddit, Feedly and many others.

PDF and Print Friendly

When you download this extension for Chrome, you will find it easier to print documents because it allows you to remove ads, photos and other items from the pages you are trying to print. It also lets you save documents in a clean PDF file.


This is a very skin and bones text editor for Chrome. If you write down a lot of notes during the day, use Writebox instead of loading a full Word or Google Drive document.


This Chrome app lets you save online articles to read later in the day and syncs across the mobile devices where you have the app downloaded.


Instead of using a ton of tabs and bookmarks for your music or videos, Streamus will allow you to put everything in one spot for you to access in the future.

Just Beam It

This app for Chrome allows you to send files to anyone simply by dragging and dropping them into the app.


This is perfect for someone who has a ton of Chrome apps because it puts them all in one drop-down menu.

Key Rocket for Gmail

You can clean out your inbox in Gmail much quicker by using this Chrome app.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo