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Update These Important Items on Your Resume Right Now

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Summary: You need to update the items listed in this post on your resume right now if you want it to help you acquire a job interview.

Have you recently come across your resume after not applying for a new job in quite a while? If so, read it from start to finish and make sure that the items mentioned in this post are updated. You should update your resume every so often, even if you are not searching for a job, because you never know when the time might come when it is needed at a moment’s notice. Job opportunities arise when you least expect it, so be sure to have an updated resume at the ready.

Objective Statement

It is quite possible that you have recently updated your objective statement on your resume. The problem here is that you have an objective statement on your resume. This portion of the resume is outdated and being replaced by the executive summary. An executive summary is much better than an objective statement because it displays your brand and explains why you would be a fit for the job.

Contact Information

Even though this comes across as very obvious, if you have not looked at your resume in quite a while, then your contact information might be outdated. Make sure that your cell phone number, home address, home phone number and personal email address are all up-to-date. This information is needed for employers to contact you about a job interview so you want to make sure you are giving them the right info. They will not go out of their way to track you down for an interview.

Skills Section

Since you have not touched your resume in five years, your skills section is probably outdated. We pick up all types of new skills and talents throughout our career, which is another reason why your resume needs to be updated often. Check the list of skills you have on the resume and make sure you add any new ones to it. If there is something on there that you are not proficient in any longer, make sure you remove it from the resume.

The Format

Resume formats have evolved over the past 10 years or so as technology has expanded. Despite the new types of formats out there, you still need to use the same font and type size throughout so the resume is not difficult to read. You can break it up with bullet points, but only make sure it is one set of bullet points and not multiple ones.


If you are an experienced professional, you do not need to keep your educational background on the resume. If you are an entry-level worker, you should absolutely brag about your GPA and educational career. If you have been out of school for seven years, your educational background no longer has to appear on your resume.

Update These Important Items on Your Resume Right Now by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo