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The Most Unique Jobs Out There Today

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Summary: There are some really unique jobs out there today that people actually work five days per week. We have compiled a list of those unique jobs in this post.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work a non-traditional job? Well, we will try to provide you a look into some of the most unique jobs in the workplace today in this post.

Bike Courier

Bike couriers are very popular in large cities because they can easily maneuver major traffic jams throughout the day. They deliver important documents from one company to another, take mail to the post office and even deliver packages to important clients. Even as hardcopy documents are being replaced in the digital age, bike couriers are still used in the fashion and food industries.

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Body Painter

We have all seen the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition that comes out annually, but have you ever wondered who gets to paint the models who wear nothing but paint? Well, there is such a job out there as a body painter. For the most part, body painters work at carnivals, festivals and fairs. But, they are also used a lot in the fashion industry.

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Color Expert

A color expert is a real job. This job entails helping people layout their room or design a company logo. These professionals use current trends, styles, color psychology and demographic statistics to perform their job.

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‘Fake’ Facebooker

There is such as job as being a ‘fake’ Facebooker. This is when someone creates fake Facebook pages and sells the services of doing so. They create fake pages to help people who want to claim they have a significant other or to like a company’s page.


Flavorist have the responsibility of formulating artificial and natural flavors.

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Fragrance Chemist

Have you ever wondered who comes up with all those beautiful scents at a store’s perfume counter? Well, that would be a fragrance chemist. It is their job to mesh different odors together in soaps, perfumes and lotions.

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A Hippotherapist is a person who uses the movements of a horse to help a patient with their therapy. The movements of a horse mirrors that of a human, which is why it can help with a person’s neurological and physical disabilities.

Nail Polish Namer

Nail polishes have some very unique names. There is actually a job out there where people are tasked with coming up with those unique names.

Pick-Up-Artist Instructor

Yes, this is a real job. You can hire someone to teach you how to pick-up persons of the opposite sex.

Professional Ethical Hacker

This is also a real job. These workers purposely try to hack the systems of a company in an effort to find any mistakes or lags in security.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo