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Sunday Night Activities of Successful People

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Sunday night

Summary: Sunday night is never fun because it means Monday morning is just around the corner, but there are things you can do to make Sunday fun.

There really isn’t much exciting about Sunday night unless you are a TV fan. A 2013 poll found that 78 percent of adults worldwide experience “Sunday night blues.” Here are some tips from successful people to beat those blues.

  1. Spend time with family, friends, and other important people in your life. Some of the most successful people are very busy, even during the weekends so making a special time Sunday evening when they are just with those they care about makes the evening special instead of sad.
  2. Plan something fun for Sunday evening to give your weekend a sense that it is still going instead of coming to a sad end. This could be a dinner party, spa night, movie, or anything else that you find enjoyable.
  3. Plan ahead for the next weekend. Set goals and deadlines for the week so help make the week seem to go by faster.
  4. This could be something as simple as going for a walk to a more planned activity like a hike or game.
  5. Catch up on reading that you haven’t been able to get to all week.
  6. Follow-up on commitments. There never seems to be enough time during the week so now is the time to get caught up with those few emails or other commitments.
  7. The week ahead will be busy so take the time now to do nothing but relax, eat a healthy meal, and get to bed early.
  8. Serving others is a great way to get your mind of your problems and stresses and onto helping others.
  9. Find a way to end Sunday on a high note. Sunday will end no matter what you plan and do, so keep your thoughts positive, reflecting on the positive experiences you have been able to have the past week.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin