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15 Lists to Make in the New Year

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new year lists

Summary: The New Year brings new opportunities to look back on the previous year and make adjustments as necessary for the upcoming one. Lists are an easy way to do this.

A new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and where you have reached. Creating lists can help you clearly see and contemplate all that you have accomplished and still want to accomplish in the next year.

Companies to work for – Even if you are satisfied with your job, it never hurts to keep a list of companies you would love to work for and occasionally check their job boards for openings. Keep a list with each company name, their website, and any contacts you may have there for when the time comes to apply.

Innovative ideas – Quickly job down ten ideas or so of ideas related to a specific subject such as your job, industry trends, etc. Try doing this every day to build practice coming up with clever and thoughtful ideas easily.

People worth knowing – The people on this list may be those at companies you want to work for or leaders in your industry. Whoever the people are, they should be someone that can help your career progress farther.

Books to read – Keep a list of books you are wanting to read so that when the time comes up that you can fit in some reading, you already know what one you want to read.

Goals for 2016 – This list should address what you want to happen in the next year. They can personal or work-related goals.

Things to stay in 2015 – This list should be filled with things you want to leave behind you like bad habits, work responsibilities that you want to trade up, or even people that you want to stay away from.

Career bucket list – Write down all the things you want to accomplish in your career. These can be dreams of working abroad, writing a book, starting a nonprofit, starting your own company, etc. Refer to this list whenever you are feeling lost.

Quick to-dos – Quite often during your day there is a minute or two that is free that you can use to check things off this list. It may be a phone call to confirm a reservation while waiting in line for the subway or anything else that doesn’t require much effort.

Slow day to-dos – Some days at work are just slow. You may find your entire afternoon is free, so this list will come in handy to help you remember projects you can do now that were put on the back-burner before.

Best Accomplishments – Start off with ten things you did in 2015 that you are proud of. Continue to build off this list during 2016 with any new items that you are especially proud of. This list will not only help on the days that you feel like a failure, it will help when the day comes to negotiate a salary increase.

Fun recipes for lunch – Bringing a lunch from home can be a more cost-effective plan but that doesn’t mean the lunches have to be boring. Make a list of different lunch ideas that you want to try to make bringing a lunch easier to remember and plan for.

Grateful for – Focusing on even the little things that you are thankful for will help put things into perspective. Keep this list someplace that is visual to help remind you each day of all that you do have.

Talents – This list is a chance to brag about yourself. Writing down all the things that you do better than most people will also help when it comes time to write a cover letter, update your LinkedIn profile, or other projects that involve boasting a little about your skills.

New things – Perhaps there are new things that you have wanted to try. This list can range from new foods to mentoring to learning about photography. These items don’t fit on other lists because you don’t know how well you will enjoy the new activity but you still want to give it a try.

Favorite quotes – Everyone loves little sayings or quotes that brighten their day. They can be anything from career related to diet success to funny jokes. This list is meant to be fun and to help you remember to have fun and stay motivated on bad days.


15 Lists to Make in the New Year by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin