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How to Get 15 Job Interviews in Less Than One Hour

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Summary: It is possible to land 15 job interviews in roughly 30 minutes, which is why you need to follow the tips outlined in this post for you to be successful.

Whether or not you believe it, a person can land 15 interviews in less than one hour’s time. All you need is a strong list of things to do and then put those things into motion. It all surrounds building an email marketing campaign for yourself and it can be done in roughly 30 minutes of your time.

Build a List of Emails

The first step in the process is building a list of email addresses. The list of email addresses should be of people who can hire you as an employee, or those who can pass your info along to someone who can hire you.

Create an Email Blast

Now you can create an email blast that will be sent to everyone in your contacts.

Start with the subject of the email, which needs to be all about you as an employee. Say something like, “Hire a writer with marketing experience.”

Your subject line needs to explain your brand and background without going into too much detail. This will help you get noticed by hiring managers, who know exactly what they are looking for in a new hire.

Add a header image to the email blast that should include your name, your brand and a catchy slogan that you create.

The body of the email blast must have three of your best works from your portfolio, a link to your resume, your contact information and links to all of your social media profiles.

You need to sell yourself in the body of the email, so come up with something catchy or salesy that can be used to your advantage. You might even consider marketing your services to companies free of charge for one week so they can give you a tryout, or at least a job interview. You never know, it might actually work.

How to Get 15 Job Interviews in Less Than One Hour by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo