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A Simple Formula for Happiness in Your Career

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Summary: Are you looking for a new way to stay happy at work, or in your career? If so, we have the simplest formula needed to stay happy in a career in this post.

Finding happiness in your career is more difficult than some people think it is. For others, it is simpler than others make it out to be. We have put together an easy formula for you to determine if you are happy with your career in this post. The next time you doubt what you do for a living, use this formula to determine if it is time to move to a new job or new career.

Happiness in a career has a lot of factors affecting it; relationship with your boss, relationship with your co-workers, mission company is working towards right now and even the fulfillment you get from the work performed.

The formula is incredibly easy to follow and is below:

Ask yourself this question: Are you happy?

If the answer is yes, simply continue doing what it is you are doing that it making you happy.

It the answer is no, you need to ask yourself another question. That question is: Do you want to be happy?

If the answer to question number two is yes, then you need to change something in what you do each day at work.

If the answer to question number two is no, then you do not need to change a thing.

A Simple Formula for Happiness in Your Career by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo