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How to Develop Your Employees in 10 Ways

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Summary: We have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to develop employees in today’s workforce so that you can get more out of your investment at the office.

Employees are an investment by a company, which means that you will want to get as much out of them as possible when they are in the office. One way to do this is by developing those employees. You need to teach them how to run your software, fulfill their tasks and bring in new clients. You also want them to be as successful in their careers as possible, which will help your company be successful at the same time.

1. Begin with Yourself

Before you even think about developing your employees, you must develop yourself first. If you do not perform this task, you will appear to your workers as arrogant and as someone who thinks development is only for others in the office. One of the best ways to shape behavior is to be a good role model.

2. Trust and Mutual Respect are Key

You need to form a relationship of trust and mutual respect with your employees before suggesting development. When you build such a relationship you let the employees know that you are not just pointing out their weaknesses.

3. Meetings Should be Opportunities to Learn

Developing employees is not something that happens just once or twice per year. Instead, it must be done on a continual basis in order to get the most out of it for your employees. One way to make sure development is done on a continual basis is to turn meetings into learning opportunities for your employees.

4. Always Ask Questions

Questions asked by coaches or managers are excellent ways to force the employee to figure out a problem on their own. Posing questions following an event or training session will help the employees cement a new skill in their head.

5. Delegate

When you get the chance to delegate work to an employee, delegate the work that you think will help an employee develop in their position. Do not hand-off work that you simply do not feel like completing.

6. Assign Developmental Projects

When putting together assignments for employees, make sure you assign developmental projects to the right people. This will help them further their development and not just complete busy work.

7. Introduce Employees to Network Contacts

Whenever you get the chance, introduce your employees to some of the contacts within your network. This will help them develop their careers by building their own network.

8. Offer Feedback

One of the best ways to develop an employee today is to offer feedback. Managers are some of the best people out there when it comes to seeing an employee’s shortcomings or weaknesses. Make sure the feedback is done tactfully and as constructive criticism.

9. Aid the Navigation of Politics

Each and every office has politics. As a manager looking to develop employees, it is important to help employees navigate the office politics as much as possible.

10. Spend Money

If you really want to develop employees, you need to spend money. Send them to training classes, conferences, to meet coaches and purchase materials for them to make this possible.

How to Develop Your Employees in 10 Ways by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo