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The Top 10 Psychology Careers In Today’s Market

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Summary: In today’s post we have compiled a list of the top 10 psychology careers in the job market for all those who are looking for a major or making a career change.

For those of you looking for a career in the field of psychology, we have compiled a list of the top 10 careers in the industry today. We hope you can take something from this post as you look to decide on a field of study in college or look to switch careers to something that fulfills you.

Career Counselor

A career counselor helps others figure out which career path they should take. This profession utilizes personality tests, assessments and other tests to help clients figure out which job is best for them to work. You can expect to make an average annual salary around $46,000 in this position.

School Psychologist

School psychologists are very important in the academic world because they help children deal with emotional, social and academic problems they are facing due to varying factors. If you choose this profession, you can expect to bring home roughly $59,440 per year.


In the field of psychology there are counselors who work with people of all different ages and not just in school settings. These counselors help adults and children deal with emotional, family, marriage, academic and drug abuse issues. The majority of counselors work in social welfare or healthcare settings. A large chunk of them are employed with local and state governments. This profession can earn an average of $47,530 per year.

Genetics Counselor

With an average salary of $71,100 per year, a genetics counselor will provide information about genetic disorders to families and couples. They are called upon to offer support alongside doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Forensic Psychologist

This profession uses psychology to help in criminal investigations and other legal matters. This position pays an average annual salary of $59,440 and is growing rapidly.

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Engineering Psychologist

This profession uses the psychology background to analyze how people interact with machines and technology. They earn more than $79,000 per year on average.

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Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists are responsible for assessing and diagnosing patients who suffer from psychological disorders. They earn an average annual salary of $81,100 and work in private practices, hospitals and mental health facilities.

Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologists help athletes deal with mental and other issues that affect their performance on the field. They earn an average salary range of $45,000-$80,000 per year.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

These psychologists analyze workplace behavior in an effort to improve workplace productivity and choose the right person for the job. These workers earn an average salary of $97,820 per year.

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Special Education Teacher

This is not in the complete realm of psychology, but they help students with learning disabilities improve in the classroom. They earn an average annual salary of $47,650.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo