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How Low Should You Go?

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If you’ve been looking for a job for a long stretch, and find fewer and fewer interviews, let alone promising interviews, there comes that moment when you ask yourself, “Wouldn’t even working at McDonald’s be better than this?” Further, you might have some cheerfully condescending friend who brags that he would work at the gas-station if he needed to; after all, it’s all in your attitude, and you can make an agreeable challenge out of any job.

Don’t believe this. There are plenty of soul-crushing jobs that you simply should not resort to, especially if you are used to higher quality employment. The bottom of the barrel stuff isn’t career material, it won’t open the doors, and it might destroy your morale in the meantime. So don’t go slumming for your next job, even if the market ain’t hot for what you’ve got to offer.

For instance, you could always get a job as a Telemarketer. It pays horribly, there is little room for growth, and what’s worse, you will be as annoyed as the people you call, as you try to ply your services, charity pleads, or survey intrusions upon innocent people who are trying to enjoy their dinner and spend some quality time with their children.

Avoid being a door-to-door salesman as well. You are even more annoying than the person you can just hang up on, and even if you are good at this, a charmer able to smooth away trepid residents, you won’t make that much, with maybe $22,160 to show for your efforts.

Working in the post office, a business that is dwindling now anyway, and sure to cramp any creative thinking you’ve been fostering these years, is likely a poor choice as well. And of course customer service, which can be among the lowest paying jobs, despite the high amount of humility it demands of you when dealing with the volatile public, who can either ask too much of you or rage against store policies, a poorly mixed drink, or whatever else, will not only depress you that you’ve had to return to this sector, one most people begin their career path in, but it will burn you out for caring to look further for the job that better suits your education and talents.

So the long and short of it is you should continue to look for your ideal job, and not sell yourself short with just landing any job. Don’t get desperate. Know what you’re worth, and never give away your time and effort cheaply, even when others pressure you to do so. There is more dignity in unemployment than being badly employed.

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How Low Should You Go? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes