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13 Awesome Tech Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

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Marriott International

Summary: Technology is the future of how businesses grow so it is no surprise that these 13 tech companies are innovate and fun places to work.

We are pretty sure that no one would ever turn down a job offer from Google, at least not without seriously considering it. The benefits of working at this company are numerous with on-site physicians and nurses, extra money for having a baby, free legal advice, travel insurance and emergency assistance for personal vacations, and reimbursement for classes or degrees that relate to your job. While we understand that not everyone can get a job at Google, we found some other companies that are pretty awesome that are hiring.

They are the largest online provider of window coverings in the world. Those that work here get to enjoy a fun atmosphere that involves food, Comic-Con days, laser tag sessions, ping pong competitions, and more activities.


This company makes the interchange of delicate business content more protected and proficient through multi-channel communication platforms that improve company collaboration. Employees have the opportunity to take responsibility for their ideas and visions.


Method is the creator of biodegradable, naturally derived cleaners, personal care products, and laundry products. Their products are safe for the environment and people. Their employees get excited every time they see people using the products that they all helped to create.


They are changing the healthcare experience by connecting patients with the right doctors for them, such as insurance accepted, location, specialty, and reviews. Employees here believe in the mission of the company and are able to grow with it.


Udacity is an online learning platform that enables people around the world to expand their education. The employees call the workplace “pretty fun” with a humor driven atmosphere that enjoys hackathons, free courses, and silly team demos.

Funding Circle

They help small business owners by providing funding that investors lend through their global marketplace. Employees are committed and driven to make the financial world a better place.

They want to make sure that their employees are current on the latest trends and changes in technology. A team attends Google I/O and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference each summer. They have Android and iOS development classes for employees so that they understand how to utilize each program.

Social Tables

They help companies in the hospitality industry with cloud-based software that streamlines the event planning process.

Peloton Cycle

They are the makers of an indoor cycling bike that connects users to a class. They offer their employees exercise classes.

Marriott International

They are a creative company with an entrepreneurial mind that is changing the way people think of travel through their established company and 19 global hotel brands.


This tech company uses a lot of technical work, solving complex problems, and coding. Their employees are encouraged to attend conferences, events, hackathons, and meet-ups even when that means they have to be away from the office.


MailChimp is an email marketing service provider. They pride themselves on being a wacky workplace because as the general manager Aarron Walter states “Weird people, they connect the dots.”


This payment platform’s employee base is made up of 50 percent engineers, around 75 percent of which can write code.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin