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How to Add Accomplishments to Your Resume

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Summary: Accomplishments are an important part of a resume that show future employers what you are capable of doing that you often overlook or don’t consider correctly.

Having accomplishments on your resume is very important because it shows how well you did something. Including your duties is also crucial to a successful resume because it shows what you did. The question comes down what kind of accomplishments look best on your resume and what to do when a job doesn’t produce easily documented successes. Here are some tips to help upgrade your resume into a top contending resume.

  • Keep track of your accomplishments as they happen. Don’t wait until you are looking for a new job and updating your resume to try to remember all the things you have done.
  • Make a list of your duties. Once you have a list of your duties, you can figure out how to show what you did. For example, if your duty was to recruit participants to a program, provide numbers of how many new members you gained.
  • Curtail your accomplishments to the job that are applying for. Pick your strongest accomplishments so that they stand out and don’t get lost in a never-ending list of unrelated items.
  • Ask yourself “What did I accomplish that someone else might not have?” Consider how you would describe your performance compared to someone that might miss something you did.
  • Include accomplishments that happen outside of work. Your job isn’t the only place that you can be involved in things and accomplishing feats. Include things like volunteer work, paper or articles you have published, consulting projects, etc. when listing your accomplishments.


How to Add Accomplishments to Your Resume by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin