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“I Can Take Away Your Pain”

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Here's how one candidate got the attention of a recruiter.

Summary: Here’s how a candidate got the attention of one recruiter.

Here are excerpts from an actual cover letter that a recruiter received for a job candidate:

“I am writing to introduce myself and share with you how I can relieve the pain from recruiting for the (position). I have included my resume for your review. I know that you receive countless resumes from unqualified and uninteresting candidates. As you can see from my resume, I am more than qualified. And by the time you finish reading my letter, you will attest that I am the most interesting candidate you are interviewing for this position…So should you agree that I am qualified for the (position), I am ready to alleviate your pain. And until we can schedule a time to meet, be sure to take these.”  (The candidate had attached 2 Advil tablets to the letter. Name and address withheld.)

"I Can Take Away Your Pain" by
Authored by: Granted Contributor