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What Am I Doing Wrong in My Interviews?

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What am I doing wrong in my interviews?

Question: I’m an attorney in Tokyo and have spent three fruitless years trying to repatriate to the U.S. where my ex-wife moved with our children (and without me). I received several great offers to interview from companies that received my resume, but the moment I stepped into each meeting, I could see it wasn’t going to work out. Sure enough, I didn’t receive a single offer. I’ve decided that I can’t take the travel anymore and I love Japan enough to stay here, so there’s no pressing need to leave. Yet, I’m eager to know what I did wrong in those interviews. I think that once I understand my performance, I’ll be able to better adopt the “correct” approach if I ever need to try again.

– Peter, Tokyo, Japan

Peter: Sadly, some of the most talented candidates in the job market fail to earn offers simply because they don’t interview well. Many can’t stand the evaluation process they must endure, and a few even sabotage their efforts subconsciously by interviewing with a chip on their shoulders. It’s hard to tell what went wrong in your case from the information you’ve given, although it sounds like you threw in the towel before the interviews even started. If you aren’t confident in your interviewing ability, try videotaping yourself while answering standard questions. You may be surprised by your inappropriate body language, speaking tone and other flaws you’ve never noticed. You can also detect whether you’re in need of an attitude adjustment that allows you to see interviews for what they are: an opportunity for you and a hiring manager to examine your talents, experience and personality, then match them to the open job. Remember, it’s not a one-sided meeting. You’re evaluating the job’s responsibilities and the company’s culture as they evaluate your ability to contribute.

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