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Considering Changing Careers – Should I Make the Switch?

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Should I change careers?

Question: I’ve recently been offered the opportunity to be a sales and marketing rep for a friend’s clothing company. She designs and makes wearable art, such as coats and jackets. While I’m very excited, I’ve never held a position like this. I’m currently working as a grant coordinator at a non-profit, and I’m thinking that I’ll continue in this position until I feel that I’m financially able to fill the new position full time. I have a master’s degree and know that I’ve got skills that make me qualified in sales, but I realize I’m not fully qualified. What do you think?

— Kim, Tuskegee, Ala.

Kim: No one feels fully qualified when making a significant career change. There are so many uncertainties that your gut feeling often ends up being the best indicator of future success. But don’t leap until you look carefully into the new business. Examine your friend’s financial statements, then talk with current, previous and potential customers. You must be sure that sales will be strong enough to generate an adequate commission for the time you’ll spend visiting stores and talking with buyers.

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