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Ask the Genie: High School Teacher Wants to Return to Business World

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High school teacher wants to return to the business world

Hi Genie,

I am having difficulty in composing my resume. I want to work in the business world, but I’ve spent the last seven years as a high school social studies teacher. I have experience in the business world as an administrative assistant. I did this for two years before going into education. What should I stress? How can I sell my teaching experience in the business world?



Hi Gilda,

Stress your experience managing a classroom, managing class projects, creating a curriculum, and communicating effectively to your class in your resume. De-emphasize your administrative experience, though you should note it, because it shows you’re familiar with office environments.

You can sell your teaching experience in a variety of ways. It’s good preparation for breaking into corporate training jobs. It’s prepared you to understand a variety of people, and might be suitable for human resources positions. It’s also provided you with management experience that can translate to managing people in the corporate environment.

Good luck!


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