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21 Must Have Products for the Workplace

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Summary: Make your office a happy place that you enjoy sitting at each day with the use of these fun and inventive products.

The workplace can be a real drag some days but with the right products, you can find the incentive to work harder or take a nap. This list of products includes an item that minimizes any sites or apps you don’t want your boss to see you are on with just the tap of your foot, a device for an office or cubicle that lets you see the comings and goings of everyone, and a punching bag, because we all know sometimes you just need to punch something and the wall may not be the best option.

  1. An under-the-desk foot hammock
  2. A mug warmer
  3. A self-stirring mug
  4. A laser-projection keyboard
  5. A tiny desk vacuum
  6. A nap-anywhere pillow
  7. An inflatable nap pod
  8. A stapler that doesn’t require staples
  9. Putty to clean your keyboard and electronics
  10. A washable keyboard
  11. An office-exercise-ball chair
  12. A personal desktop fridge
  13. A clip-to-your-desk cup holder
  14. A desktop punching bag
  15. An under-the-desk elliptical
  16. A cord wrapper
  17. A picture frame that you can doodle on
  18. Hand warmers
  19. A desk humidifier
  20. A stealth switch
  21. A digital peephole

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21 Must Have Products for the Workplace by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin