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Be Prepared for Any Emergency by Keeping These Items at Your Desk

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Summary: For the times you can’t predict, follow these tips to be better prepared at the office when you need to freshen your breath or your outfit.

We all know to keep the usual items at our desks like pens, paper, folders, etc. but there are other items that we should be keeping at our desks in cases of emergency. There are always circumstances that arise such as your boss calling an impromptu meeting that requires you to be prepared. Here are 12 items to keep at your desk at all times:

  1. A blazer to dress up a casual outfit

There are times when you meet with a client unexpectedly and need to spruce up your attire.

  1. Extra pair of shoes

You can be the judge of what the best extra pair of shoes would be for you. The shoes may be something dressier than what you normally wear or more casual if expect to be doing a lot of walking or standing.

  1. Extra pair of socks

The weather may be wetter than normal and you find yourself with soaking wet socks. If you have the extra pair of shoes but no socks, then you won’t be any better off.

  1. Pair of headphones

In a shared workspace, being able to shut out sound is critical to getting any real work done. Listening to music can also be something that increases productivity.

  1. Deodorant

You may have forgotten to apply deodorant or just need to freshen up after a stressful meeting presentation.

  1. Phone charger

You never know when you will need to give your cell phone an extra charge during the day. Keeping a charger at your desk will allow you to give your phone a boost on the days that it gets heavily used and drained. You may also be able to help a fellow coworker out that needs to charge their phone.

  1. Lint Brush

If you own a pet this is definitely a must have item but it is good for anyone to have to help remove unsightly dander and hairs.

  1. Disposable toothbrush

Fresh breath is very important whenever you are interacting with other humans. They can also work as toothpicks for those times when food gets stuck in your teeth after lunch.

  1. Chewing gum or mints

When there isn’t time to brush your teeth, pop a mint or piece gum in your mouth before talking to clients or coworkers.

10. Snacks

Keep a high-energy snack that will get you through the day for those times that there isn’t a chance to have lunch or you are feeling especially hungry and drained.

11. Vitamins

For the times when you find yourself sneezing more than normal or your throat getting raspy, pop a couple vitamins to give your immune system a boost. No one has a time to be sick.

12. An umbrella

No one enjoys getting soaked from head to foot right before a meeting in another building. Keep an umbrella at your desk so that you can whip it out whenever a rainstorm comes through town.


Be Prepared for Any Emergency by Keeping These Items at Your Desk by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin