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Missed Opportunities in Advertising

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baby boomer shopping

Summary: The Millennial generation isn’t the only one that actively uses the Internet and spends substantial amounts of money on new products.

While the Millennial generation, those that are 18 to 30 years old, is the largest generation and is predicted to be one out of every three adults by 2020, there are other generations that affect marketing just as much. The Millennials are the first to come of age in a world that is truly global and digital whereas Baby Boomers have had to adapt and learn how to use the Internet. They may have been slower on the uptake but they now are fully functioning members of the online community.

Baby Boomers account for 40 percent of wireless users. The younger aged Boomers go online as often as younger generations. Over half of these younger boomers have purchased something online in the past three months. A majority use a tablet or mobile phone to do their research on products and services. More Baby Boomers than Millennials account for U.S. online video ad impressions. With numbers like these, it is surprising that ad agencies are passing over them to only target Millennials.

The Baby Boomer generation spends $7 billion online each year according to Forbes. They make purchasing decisions are more likely to respond to advertisements with action. This purpose-driving mentality is a valuable characteristic that advertisers can capitalize on.



Missed Opportunities in Advertising by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin