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6 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier

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Happy workers

Summary: Happy employees increase productivity and retention. Follow these 6 tips to keep your employees satisfied with their jobs.

Happy employees will make or break a company. To ensure your employees are happy, follow these tips to build a connection, set clear job roles, foster healthy co-worker relationships, enable a safe environment to express ideas and opinions, acknowledge achievements, and an open work model.

1. Connect

Most employees are unaware of their company’s vison, mission, and values. Their disconnection from the company disconnects them from each other. When employees know what they are working towards together, they will be more productive.

2. Clarity

Employees appreciate when their boss or manager sets clear job guidelines and responsibilities. If you notice employees that are not busy, they may be unclear so to the many other tasks they could be working on.

3. Relationships

The dynamic between management and employees cannot be ignored. When employees feel a connection with their fellow co-workers, they will have greater job satisfaction. Removing cubicles can help employees connect with each other, just be sure to put personalities together that work well.

4. Environment

You never know when your employees may have an idea that may improve production and other aspects of the workplace. Fostering an environment that allows them to feel they can give their opinions without retaliation will continue to increase productivity and satisfaction.

5. Recognition

Just a basic pat on the back is not enough for employees to feel valued. Encourage recognition between staff and even some friendly competition. Turn recognition into parties so that your employees can have the social interactions they crave. Have different departments interact together so that they can meet new people and understand others better. Celebrate things like “casual Fridays” and anniversaries.

6. Transparency

Management transparency increases employee happiness. The best part of this is the cost to make your company transparent is almost nothing. You just have to open the dialogue between management and staff. Have the executives walk through the workplace occasionally to converse with the employees.


6 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin