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How to Create Your Online Portfolio

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online portfolio

Summary: When the majority of jobs you apply to are online, you want to have something to visually wow employers with.

Having an online portfolio is beneficial when you want to be able to show hiring managers more than just what a resume covers. Traditional resumes are great and still an essential part of applying for jobs but when you really want to stand out and show future employers what you are capable of, then you need to have an online portfolio.

Here are a few tips on how to get your portfolio started.

Software– There is several free websites such as WordPress or Tumblr that you can use instead of fancy software. These sites are reliable, easy to navigate, and have lots of built-in features to help you along the way in case you get stuck.

Show-off– Online portfolios give you more than just the traditional resume and application to demonstrate your achievements and experience. Try using a timeline structure as a way of organizing your portfolio. Your most current work should be at the top with your older stuff at the bottom. List each responsibility and achievement with each position you have held.

Paint a picture– Use photographs and images to represent each post. If you worked as an intern at a capitol building, take a picture and include it for that position. You only need one or two per post to paint a good picture of what you did.

Links– Include links to external websites and documents within your portfolio. These links can be to organizations, published work, and projects when you refer to them in your posts.

Share– Include links to your online portfolio wherever you can. Place a link in the signature of your email, on each of your social media accounts, and with your resume.


How to Create Your Online Portfolio by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin