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How to Know You Didn’t Get the Job

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job rejection

Summary: After putting countless hours and effort into creating flawless cover letters and resumes, the realization that you didn’t get the job is tough but we point out the signs that should make the rejection a little more obvious.

Rejection hurts. Rejection hurts even more when we have put a lot of work into trying to make it work. When it comes to a job, we all need them to be functioning members of society. Luckily, we know some warnings signs to look for so you are a little more prepared for the job rejection. While there always exceptions to the rule, does He’s Just Not That Into You ring a bell, don’t rely on being an exception.

  1. You met very few people. Did they say they had a whole list of people for you to meet in the department but sent you on your after the interview instead of making those introductions? This is a big sign that you shouldn’t expect an offer from them.
  2. The interview gets cut short. When an interview is scheduled for a specific amount of time, say an hour, but is done in 15 minutes, be worried. It is a not a good sign that they don’t want to find out more about you.
  3. The interview focuses on a skill that you lack. If the interviewer keeps bringing up the fact that you don’t have a desired skill, then it is a safe assumption that they are looking for someone that does have that experience.
  4. The interview feels like it just going through motions. The interviewer may seem uninterested in what you are saying and only asking questions because they have to. Another bad sign is if they are distracted, looking at their phone or the computer the whole time.
  5. You didn’t learn anything new about the position. The interviewer may not be elaborating on what the job roles and responsibilities are when you asked or aren’t offering any details at all. This is a strong sign that they don’t expect you to be a right fit for the position.
  6. You didn’t do your research before the interview on the company. With a plethora of knowledge and information that is easily accessible through social media and the internet, if they ask you about their company and you have nothing to offer, don’t expect a call back.
  7. Not going in prepared with questions to ask after the interview is a sign to the employer that you aren’t seriously interested in the position.
  8. To go along with the former sign, asking the wrong questions also make you look bad. Don’t ask about vacation days or other policies that involve missing work. You are saying that your priorities are in the perks of the job instead of the role.
  9. They give you vague instructions for the next steps. When they don’t have any particulars on when they might follow-up or keeping saying that they are still interviewing people, this is probably a sign that you aren’t their top pick.


How to Know You Didn’t Get the Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin