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End an Interview on a Good Note with This Question

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Summary: End any kind of interview on a good note by asking this one simple question.

Depending on the interview, you may have spent an hour or more talking with members of the company trying to convince them that you are a good fit for their team. You have gone over your work experience extensively, answered all sorts of common and not-so-common questions, and then asked them some of your own questions. There is one particular question that is worth noting if you want to make an impression that will make you memorable when compared to all the other candidates.

Ask: “What has been your best moment so far at (enter company name)?”

The question almost seems too simple but it is a great way of turning the conversation to the interviewer while also learning about the company’s culture, values, etc. Any insight you can gain into how you would fit into the company will help you also decide if it is the right place for you. Plus ending on a good happy memory will make the interviewer remember your interview as a good one.

If the interviewer is not able to quickly come up with any good memory at the company then be on alert. This is a red flag that perhaps the culture at the company is not in line with the kind of place where you want to work.

We know the last few moments of the interview may be awkward as you are trying to quickly say something clever before being walked out the door so take this moment to slow things down.

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End an Interview on a Good Note with This Question by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin