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3 Words Not to Use in Your Emails

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Summary: Written communication can be tricky when you don’t have your tone or expressions to carry the message. Avoid these three words to keep your message friendly.

Communication is an essential tool at work and at home. With email becoming the primary source of getting communication done, over phone and in person, our word choice is very important. There should never be a need for a rude or aggressive email. Keep all your communication polite and professional. Here are three words to avoid using to make sure your emails are on the right track to staying friendly.

  1. Me

The word here isn’t entirely limited to just “me”. The words you want to avoid using represent a self-focused meaning instead communicating a desire to help others. Look at an email you are about to send. Remove any “me” or “I” type words. How does the email sound now? The intent of your email now becomes focused on the person and need.

  1. Actually

Often, when we use this word we are correcting someone but in a more harsh than necessary way. Depending on who the email is going to, using “actually” may be very inappropriate to use. Try using definitely, great point, makes sense, understandable, or I see in place of actually to see how it changes the tone of your email.

  1. Sorry

Do you really need to say “sorry” for something or do you end up using the word when you are pointing out something that was forgotten, voicing your opinion, or make a tiny mistake? The overuse of “sorry” has made it lose any sign of genuine remorse. When you truly are “sorry” for something say “I apologize” instead. This sounds more sincere.


3 Words Not to Use in Your Emails by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin